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Old Market Manor

We are a creative design, fabrication and installation company.  We work across the fields of engineering, art, fine joinery and architecture to realise the visions of our clients.  We specialise in producing bespoke creative pieces using an imaginative mix of materials and combining traditional techniques with cutting-edge design and fabrication technology. 





'Wabi-Sabi' is a Japanese aesthetic philosophy. It is the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and asymmetric. The word 'Wabi' refers to simplicity. 'Sabi' acknowledges the beauty imparted by the passing of time. Crafted from Elm,  the design of this piece works with the shape and structure of the grain. Burrs and shakes are celebrated and the clear acrylic is the balance to create an honest yet refined look.

This piece was commissioned by a bride to be for her fiancé as a wedding present. The stained glass had been given to them as a gift and she wanted it set into a coffee table. To accentuate the colour in the glass, we incorporated hidden LED lighting including a rechargeable power source. The Ash and Walnut used are from trees grown locally.

Commissioned as an 80th birthday present, this solid Oak bench combines traditional joinery techniques with contemporary styling to create a timeless piece that is built to last.